Fighting COVID-19 With IIR: The Right Medical Surgical Face Mask for the Right Protection Fighting COVID-19 With IIR: The Right Medical Surgical Face Mask for the Right Protection Type IIR Medical Grade Surgical Face Masks are the BEST!
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Fighting COVID-19 With IIR: The Right Medical Surgical Face Mask for the Right Protection

Fighting COVID-19 With IIR: The Right Medical Surgical Face Mask for the Right Protection

The current pandemic era couldn’t be better symbolized by anything other than face masks.

These protective gears are known to be highly effective in the fight against corona, and can actually save you from getting infected, particularly at times when you’re not social distancing.

So, are you ready to protect yourself from the infectious attack of a fast-spreading virus?

Make sure you’re using the right mask!

What to Look for in a Face Mask?

As the world settles into the ‘new normal’, face masks are rapidly turning into an important accessory to go with any outfit, anywhere, anytime.

Although a lot of people were hesitant in covering their faces earlier, the scenario has completely changed over a few months. In a sense, citizens are now more focused on keeping themselves safe, and nearly no one is ready to leave his/her home without donning a face mask.

The importance of face masks has risen to a level where it cannot be neglected, so much so that various countries have made it compulsory for the citizens to cover their mouths whenever out in public, and not wearing a mask can result in penalty.

However, not every facemask offers ideal protection. Which is why, you must choose carefully when buying a mask, because nothing’s more important than keeping yourself safe and healthy during the current pandemic.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right mask – one that’ll help keep you, as well as those around you, safe:

Get a mask that properly covers your nose and mouth. Wearing a mask that’s loose could put you at a risk of getting infected.

Be sure that the mask has multiple protective layers for enhanced infection control. A type IIR mask is often recommended by health care experts.

It’s best to choose a mask that is splash resistant, such as the type IIR face mask. This would help protect you from exposure to any bodily fluids.

The mask should be easy to wear with ear loops or ties.

A pleat style mask is preferred because you can easily expand it to cover your face from nose to the chin.

Pick a mask that’s light weight and provides optimal breathability.

Disposable masks are the best option since there’s no risk of getting contaminated in case you use the same mask again.

Complete Protection and Ideal Comfort, Combined

Now that you know what to look for in a mask, you must be wondering which mask would fulfill all the above listed requirements, right?

Well, we’d recommend you to buy none other than a type IIR face mask!

This type of mask comes with three to four layers of enhanced filter protection and no resistance to breathing of the wearer.

Moreover, an IIR mask allows heat and moisture to escape, unlike the N95 respirators that are wrongly considered to offer better protection.

Although, if you’re thinking about going for the even more lightweight type I and II masks, know that they don’t offer the same Bacterial Efficiency Filtration (BFE) of 98% as the IIR.

In addition to this, a type IIR mask comes in pleat style with ties or ear loops, which means they can fit everyone perfectly, and are also incredibly easy to wear or take off. Plus, considering the fact that type IIR masks are disposable and single-use, they’re ideal for ensuring great hygiene.

All in all, if protecting yourself from the rapidly spreading COVID-19 is your utmost priority, no other face mask can ensure as much safety as the type IIR.

When is it Utmost Necessary to Wear a Mask?

According to the recent guidelines provided by WHO (World Health Organization), wearing a mask isn’t really necessary for a healthy person unless he/she is taking care of an infected individual, or is in close contact with a coronavirus patient.

However, if you decide to cover your face with a mask whenever out in public, we’d say it’s a great idea. After all, a little bit extra care never harmed anyone.

Apart from this, below we’ve listed some situations in which it’s utmost necessary for you to wear a type IIR mask:

Cover your mouth and nose with a mask if you’re coughing or sneezing.

At times when you’re not social distancing properly and have to leave your home, such as when going grocery shopping.

Wear a mask if you’re in a hospital, pharmacy, or clinic.

Keep your face covered with a mask at home if you have an infected person staying with you to reduce your risk of contracting the virus.

Make your kids wear a mask as well when they’re in public, or are not maintaining a safe distance of 2 meters from any other person who may be infected by COVID-19.

How to Mask Your Face the Right Way?

By now you must’ve already realized that wearing a face mask isn’t as simple as it seems to be. And to get the most out of your mask, you should make sure that you’re not just wearing it at the right time, but also wearing it the right way.

First things first, before you put on a mask, wash your hands properly and ensure they’re completely clean.

Now, take your IIR mask without touching the fabric part, because that’s the germ filter and touching it may result in the spread of whatever germs it has trapped.

When wearing the mask, remember that it should be a proper fit and not loose. In case your mask isn’t adjusted the way that it should be, pull the ear loops or ties until it fits as closely to your face as possible.

Also, a mask must cover the area from the bridge of your nose down to your chin, while stretching about halfway towards your ears. If your mask has pleats, as most IIR type mask do, wear it with the folded side down.

Lastly, even if you’re wearing a mask that offers maximum protection, remember not to let your guard down and keep following other necessary safety measures, including washing your hands often, sanitizing, and social distancing. Stay safe!

Article Posted: 29/05/2020 11:39:40

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