Buy Antibacterial Washable & Reusable Face Masks Buy Antibacterial Washable & Reusable Face Masks FMI are leaders in Antibacterial Reusable and Washable Face Masks available for both Adults and Children
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Buy Antibacterial Washable & Reusable Face Masks

Buy Antibacterial Washable & Reusable Face Masks


None of us suspected what was going to happen in the spring of 2020. The global pandemic has changed our lives, certainly for now and possibly the new normal will continue for some time as we adapt to living with Covid-19.

In some countries wearing facemasks whilst in public has become compulsory, in others it is recommended and even if our government is not recommending the wide scale wearing of facemasks most of us realise that it is the most sensible thing to do if we want to avoid catching and to help eradicate the disease.

The government advice in England is that the general public shouldn’t try and buy medical grade face masks as they are all needed for frontline clinical staff and key workers. Realistically, most medical grade disposable masks only have a limited time use anyway and most of us require something as robust and long lasting as possible and with the long lasting elements not impacting on the integrity of the qualities of the mask. The medical masks are not what we want anyway.

That is why many people are turning to washable face masks also called reusable face masks and seeking out interesting styling to make them more interesting to wear for the user and to be seen in. However, we must remember that the most important aspect of the mask is the prevention of passing on or catching the disease.

The Latest Antibacterial Technology - Silver

One of nature’s best antiviral and bacteria resistant materials has been used to create the Nano Silver reusable and washable face mask. Silver has long been esteemed for its anti-bacterial and antiviral properties.

Our Nano Silver Reusable Washable Face Masks are reusable face masks that can be used up to thirty times. The silver in the masks ensure that it is antiviral, resistant to pollution and virus droplets and resistant to dust and smoke and 650 types of bacteria.

The silver-ion composite coating technology fabric can kill over 80% of surface bacteria.

It is a highly hygienic face mask that is a washable face mask, reusable face mask and utilizes the latest technology to offer protection to those desiring washable face masks to reuse. The two layers of Nano Silver fabric give added security to the user.

This is an extremely good value, cost effective face mask featuring certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 that is even safe to use on babies. The material is water resistant and it will block the wearer from coughs and sneezes that spread diseases.

Carefully tested, they are extremely comfortable to wear, supplied in a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable fit and featuring comfortable ear loops for quick and easy putting on and taking off. Silver is very much a tried and tested natural barrier against bacteria and viruses and also for boosting our immune systems.

Antibacterial Fabric

For a great, high specification well made reusable face mask the Antibacterial Bacteriostatic Fabric Washable and Reusable Face Mask is a great choice, it features a double filtering system and is made from a water droplet repellent fabric.

The mask is called the FMI Washable Reusable Face Mask and is sold in a single mask pack in a choice of eight colours. The material is washable up to 30 times, however the antibacterial qualities of the mask are good for 5 washes. They also feature a useful pocket that allows an additional layer of protection if the wearer desires to increase the protective nature of this washable face mask.

Childs Reusable Face Mask

We all want to protect our children; it is the natural biological instinct to do so. So, if like us you were horrified by the photo of a young woman wearing a mask whilst her young baby was bare faced you will completely understand we worked around the clock to design and manufacture child sized masks as a priority. We like to call them Kids Size to keep it friendly in the tense atmosphere that we all find ourselves living through. Remember not all face masks are equal. Our child designed mask is available in the same eight great colour choices as the adult version. Choose different colours for different outfits.

The child size mask features the same great technology as the adult version of the Antibacterial Bacteriostatic Fabric Washable and Reusable Face Mask and is a double layered protector of your precious child or children.

Just like the adult masks these are washable face masks – five times to maintain the integrity of the antibacterial qualities, but a total of up to thirty times.

The kid’s version also features the pocket to insert additional layers for added protection if you wish to increase the protective and filtering effect of the masks – maybe after the first five initial washes. The bacteriostatic treatment and water droplet repellent fabric is used just as in the adult washable facemasks and as you’d expect they are manufactured to the same great quality specification.

The official advice from the government is that face coverings should not be used for infants under two years of age. However, the choice is yours and we’d recommend close supervision of infants whilst out and about anyway; so monitoring the mask wearing as well is not a problem for responsible caring parents ..... We know what we’d do, the decision is yours.

Regardless of whether you call them kids, children, child, sprogs or little darlings the Antibacterial Bacteriostatic Fabric Washable and Reusable Face Mask is designed to keep them as safe as possible.

All of our Washable and Reusable Masks

All of our masks are thoughtfully and carefully designed to be as effective as possible, made to a high standard and using the best materials. They are carefully designed to ensure comfort for the wearer and ease of putting on and removal.

Why Homemade is NOT Always Best

We all know that patterns and ideas for homemade masks are doing the rounds all over social media and the newspapers. While these are a better than nothing stopgap they are not made of a specially developed fabric and are not antibacterial or bacteriostatic washable and Reusable fabric. They are not made using a carefully developed breathable but blocking material that is water droplet repellent. Many are not even double layered and offer only very low protection.

Our aim is to keep everyone as safe as possible – From our family to Yours.

Article Posted: 19/05/2020 12:49:53

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